Store Closing

Many may have wondered why I have been so quiet or been absent from social media. It is with heavy emotions that Sweet Pea will be going out of business for an undetermined period of time.

Many of you know that we gave up our retail store, Fluff & Familia, due to issues with my personal health. While this change was positive for our family with the hopes that we could continue our mission with Sweet Pea while being able to handle it all, we sadly discovered we still needed more for the well-being of our family and health. While I am blessed to have found the root of my health issues, there is no actual cure and more maintenance than we realized. Last year’s move of our facility, along with the unfortunate closures of many of our top supporting retail stores, also put an enormous stress on us all and the financial sustainability of our survival.

Business owners sacrifice a lot. Don’t ever forget that. We can honestly say we sacrificed so much during restructuring. Sadly, it all was at the expense of our own family. With two young children, they are owed so much time back that we lost to the exhaustion of running our businesses these past years while also dealing with mommy being “too sick” to do anything with them. Bike rides, hikes, just goofing off with a game of Candy Land; we’ve shared in so many journeys, milestones and memories with others while needing to create more for our own family. At 5 & 3, they are only little for so long…

Our trip to our facility in China this past August was an opportunity for transparency into Sweet Pea’s operations while also giving our children the ability to visit family we had promised to visit years ago (way overdue). It gave us a much-needed family vacation our children deserved. There were moments in our personal lives that should've deserved more attention that our business. We will always be proud of the work we did and the amount of passion that lived inside of us. But, financially, we’ve always emphasized how passion doesn’t provide funds or buy back lost time. We have been a team of one lately as our kids need more time from us. Handling everything amid a rare health issue is damaging when you think you could be stronger than it. Our mistakes don’t define us, and our weakness doesn’t define our strengths. But, knowing your limits (and that you actually DO have one), was truly needed.

I am extremely proud of the community that was built with Sweet Pea in the past 10 years and can’t take credit for it. A community is an effort among everyone, and you all have been amazing. We don’t know what the future may hold for Sweet Pea. But, of what we have learned from our experiences is to live each day one at a time. For now, we are focusing on our family, our health, our precious time spent. While we may think and regret the time lost, we will never regret the amount of lives we have impacted, organizations we have supported or the amount of friendships we have gained.

While we are out of stock, don’t forget to check out inventory at our amazing retailers who have supported us through the years as well and have sacrificed their time as well.

While we will be answering emails related to existing orders, we do ask for privacy and/or prayers during this difficult time and are so thankful for the love, support and outreach of many. Please take care of yourselves as well. There is only one “you.”

*The picture is of our two girls whom we are doing this for and to try to send smiles during a difficult time.