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Zephir Hill Review

"I admit…I’ve been using this cover more than any other I bought. Completely fell in love. I ordered TWO more within a week! It’s simply the best-fitting cover in our entire stash – tiny, trim and so so cute! I’m SO glad that Sweet Pea introduced newborn covers last year; I have always been a huge fan of the one-size Sweet Pea covers."



AllAboutClothDiapers.com Reviews

Recent Reviews and praise from the #1 Cloth Diaper Resource blog on the web, All About Cloth Diapers!

Newborn Diaper Cover Review:

"Sweet Pea covers are very affordable at just $9.99 each. They are a wonderful option for families looking to diaper on a budget."

Praise of our NEW Covers and Prints:

"Recently, Sweet Pea underwent a change that has vastly improved the function of the cover.  By adding an additional snaps to the wings I no longer get the dreaded wing droop."

"I am so blessed to not only use great cloth diaper products but to develop relationships with the precious moms behind them.  Nancy has always been so supportive of All About Cloth Diapers over the years."

Sweet Pea Diaper Cover Recommendation:

"...if you are looking for an easy cover… I have one for you."

"This one size diaper cover was easy to use and didn’t leak one time.  How’s that for an endorsement?"

Dirtydiaperlaundry.com Review


iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer Reviews

  • The fit is great. It adjusts comfortably to fit a newborn to a small toddler. The outer fabric was great. It was "quiet"-as opposed to the traditional plastic pants that covers the more traditional cloth diapers. The liner was easy to use and clean. I also liked the yellow color of the diaper. I expected it to fade but it did not. It remained nice and bright. --Very nice.
  • Our daughter who was potty training loved to have the diaper - she said it was, "comfortable"!. The size was perfect and the snaps lined up comfortably for her.
  • I have received several all-in-one diapers over the years and this was one of my favorites for ease in use. The double openings for the insert made the diaper the easiest to assemble. It washed very well and its appearance stayed like new. The fact that this diaper is adjustable to various sizes also makes it an extremely economical choice when considering cloth diapering.

"Sweet Pea diapers are a rare blend of affordability, functionality and durability. In today's tough economic times, Sweet Pea Diapers allow parents some relief to their pocket book while still providing their little ones with the ultimate in comfort and cuteness."

"I found the Sweet Pea diaper to perform as well or better than other one-size-diapers at a fraction of the cost. Having openings in both the front and back of the diaper make stuffing and washing the diapers a breeze and I love the provided hook for line drying."
(reviewed by Jessica at www.journeytocrunchville.com)

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