Fluff & Familia



We would have never imagined that burning passion to build a place of acceptance would be through Fluff & Familia sharing our stories and infertility struggles, working with amazing charities and truly spreading the message of #WeAreAllFamilia. The growth filled our hearts and overwhelmed us. 

You’ve shared tears, joy, pain, hope, laughter with us and let your Familia be a part of ours. Those relationships are worth so much more than anything that has been purchased at our store. While Fluff & Familia's E-Commerce store is now closed, we plan to stay active in the cloth diaper industry supporting the community that supported us. If it wasn’t for that love we received, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take over Sweet Pea Diapers this past year. We will still carry that role with passion.

We will still be active to offer support to all Familia in finding other small businesses to support and resources to help in each other’s journey in the coming weeks. While we hope to continue to see everyone in our journey ahead, remember that it’s not goodbye but just a “see you later.” After all, that’s what family reunions are for, right? <3

-David & Brandi Garcia