Sweet Pea proudly uses EcoEnclose* mailers made with 100% recycled material that are also reusable. Sadly, many bio-plastic bags, even compostable ones, are unlikely to be composted properly or may not decompose since certain bio-plastics may need an industrial composting facility to biodegrade properly. Also, home compostable and biodegradable does not necessary mean "gone forever" since many can be contaminated by shipping labels. That's why we believe re-use is the best way to combat this issue. Don't need your mailer? You can place it in the same grocery store bag recycle bin of your local grocer!
Sweet Pea is run from our home in Princeton, Texas. Because we don't pay a warehouse or rent a facility, we're able to pass on the conservation of those costs to YOU without lacking quality of the products available to you. This also cuts down on storage and energy resources usually consumed in a traditional warehouse.