Care & Use

The best tip to ensure you stick to cloth diapering is to make it easy! Use products that fit your baby well and are easy to clean. Also, try not to have any single-use diapers around so you don't make it an option. To reduce the chance of leaks change your baby's cloth diaper slightly more often (every 2-3 hours) when compared to using single-use diapers. And please always change your baby's diaper as soon as you notice there are any solids to prevent rashes.

Easy Washing

Washing your Sweet Pea cloth diaper is very easy to do!

  • Simply shake off any solids into toilet. If you are having trouble getting most of the solids off the diaper, we recommend investing in a diaper sprayer which connects to your toilet. Or you can use flushable liners that you lay into each diaper and flush down the toilet when soiled. Solely breastfed baby solids are runny and will wash out in the wash easily.
  • Put wet and soiled diapers altogether in a dry diaper pail that has a nice tight lid.  We suggest doing a load of diaper laundry every 2 days or so.
  • COLD water rinse with no detergent. This step will help reduce stains.
  • Normal/regular wash on HOT using low residue liquid laundry detergent. We suggest two tablespoons for front loaders and three to four tablespoons for top loaders. Decrease your detergent amount if you experience build-up and repelling and increase your detergent amount if you notice an ammonia smell in the diapers.
  • If the diapers are really soiled or smelly, we suggest having the diapers go through one more normal/regular wash on HOT with 1-2 tablespoons of low residue liquid laundry detergent.
  • Another normal/regular wash on HOT this time without detergent. This step ensures most of your detergent residues wash away.
  • Tumble dry on LOW heat.  We use dryer balls to soften diapers and help reduce drying times. Use Low Residue or Residue Free Detergents.
  • It is highly recommended to use low residue or residue free liquid laundry detergent when washing any diaper that contains micro-fleece. Regular detergent's perfumes and softeners stick to the micro-fleece which will eventually cause your diapers to repel urine and can produce smells.
  • Experiencing leaky diapers? The micro-fleece on your pockets may have so much detergent build-up that it's causing repelling and you may need to "strip" your pockets and switch your detergent. For more info about stripping, please read below.

Sweet Pea Diapers Washing Instructions

First Use:

Wash and dry separately all cotton, hemp, and bamboo components. It might take up to 6 times to reach full absorbency. This will strip away the natural oils on the fiber to allow liquid to be absorbed.   Synthetic fibers should be washed once prior to first use. To extend the life of the diaper/nappy, hang to dry.

Recommended Detergents:

  • Allen's Naturally, Country Save, Rockin’ Green, Crunchy Clean, Tide, Tide Free, Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda

Usage for One-size Pocket Diapers:

The small insert is for newborns; the large adjustable insert can be used for all sizes. Both can be used together for nighttime or heavy wetters. Adjust rise snaps on one-size diapers to the correct setting.   You do not need to remove inserts before washing. They will agitate out in the wash.

Do Not

  • Use detergents containing additives (alkaline balancers, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils)
  • Natural soaps, dryer sheets or fabric softeners
  • Any corrosive substance
  • Soaking (including bleach soaks and vinegar)
  • Non-cloth safe diaper rash creams
  • Modifications of any kind to any Sweet Pea product(s), including embroidery or cutting off care tags
  • Excessive wash routine and/or excessive wear and tear
  • Water temperature exceeding 140ºF/60ºC
  • Failure to follow proper care instructions can void your warranty

Cold pre-rinse. Machine wash in hot (95F/35C) with minimal amount of residue free detergent.   Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Do not iron, use bleach or fabric softener. 


Build up refers to residue left by detergents, fabric softeners, and other substances used to clean diapers. In rare instances, baking soda will react with certain minerals in water and also cause build up. If you notice a decrease in the functionality of your diapers, build up may be the culprit. Stripping refers to the removal of residue on diapers. To strip diapers, simply hand wash your diaper with your regular dish soap (gets the oils out), add a bit of dish soap to the fleece, either rub the fleece vigorously together or use a medium bristle dish brush or hard bristle tooth brush to scrub the fleece. Turn inside out and repeat on this side. Rinse thoroughly, making sure that the water runs clear. You may use this method at any time you feel that the diaper may be repelling or as a preventative measure once a week. If you are still having problems, please contact us. These options include a very hot wash using 2 scoops Oxyclean or you may also try a hot wash with 1 ball of RLR (found at Wal-Mart in the laundry aisle hanging on a clipe culprit.


Tips to Extend the Life of Your Diapers

It's important not to overstretch your elastic (by pulling at both ends roughly), this causes unnecessary stress to the elastic, especially right after a hot wash and/or dry when the elastic is warm. Also, when unsnapping snaps be careful not to stretch the fabric too much, as this will put too much wear on the fabric. To prevent stretching, hold the bottom snap down with your thumb and/or thumb nail. We recommend that diapers should not be left soaking wet for long periods of time (like leaving your washed wet diapers in the washing machine overnight or using the wet pail method) because this is not good for the diaper's fibers and can cause the newly dyed colors to run. Some colors are prone to run more than others, so you must be careful with newly dyed colors, we recommend that you wash separately once and never leave your newly dyed diaper wet for long periods of time.

A Note About PUL (the water-proof outer layer)

PUL is short-form for the water-proof polyurethane laminated outer poly knit on your Sweet Pea Diapers One Size and Pockets.  If you are hanging your diapers (to extend the life of the elastics), you could put your new Pockets and Covers in the dryer on medium to high for 30-40 minutes to seal all the newly sewn holes with-in the PUL laminate to prevent wicking/leaking.