About Us

David & Brandi Garcia with their two daughters, Cecilia & Elaina

Sweet Pea Diapers was started in 2009 at a time when cloth diapering was making a comeback and consumers wanted to have a broad choice of options. While David & Brandi Garcia had only just exchanged their weddings vows that very year, they knew they wanted to grow a family and planned to use cloth diapers. During that same time, a woman named Nancy Urbas-Kennedy was struggling to find local options that offered both affordability and function. Focused on a way to produce eco-friendly and reusable products for sustainable living, Nancy set out to create easy-to-use products that were absorbent, soft, and gentle on the wallet. Often hearing family reference their precious child as their "sweet pea," the name stuck and Sweet Pea Diapers was born.

Years later, David and Brandi were determined to pay it forward to those that helped them by donating cloth diapers to them during a year of financial struggles and the difficulties of dealing with infertility. In 2016, after cloth diapering their first daughter, they decided to build a community of support by starting their own cloth diaper store, Fluff & Familia, only 3 months after the birth of their second child. As the community grew, they were offered the opportunity to take over Sweet Pea in 2017. This further allowed them to pursue their passion for spreading awareness and education in the cloth diapering community.

At the end of March 2019, David & Brandi decided to close their Fluff & Familia shop to truly focus on their health and family. They have kept the community alive to emphasize the importance of putting family first. The remaining passion has now gone to Sweet Pea which still allows them to focus on providing great products while supporting families regardless of their parenting choices or family structure. They also have an amazing Facebook support group and they frequently sponsor events, groups & charities.